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The Iliad and the Odyssey


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Long ago in ancient Greece, as Homer recited the Iliad and the Odyssey, his listeners thrilled to these tales of adventure and heroism, monsters and magic, husbands and wives, and fathers and sons. This Core Classics® adaptation, with background material and helpful notes, makes these stories come alive for young readers today.

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The two great epic poems known as the Iliad and the Odyssey come to us from ancient Greece, more than twenty-five hundred years ago. This Core Classics® edition retells selected episodes from these great epics as accessible and engaging stories for young readers.

From the Introduction to this volume, by series editor E. D. Hirsch, Jr.:

“The Iliad, a tale of war, describes the feats of individual heroes and the struggles of opposing peoples in wartime. In contrast, the Odyssey focuses mainly on the adventures of one hero who, on his long homeward journey, faces enormous challenges, including one-eyed monsters and a sorceress who turns men into pigs.

The heroism and suffering of people at war, the adventures of heroes on a mission—people still thrill to such stories. In our time, hugely popular entertainments like the Star Wars movies have distant roots in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Helpful features of this Core Classics® volume include:

  • An Introduction to Greek Mythology
  • A Guide to Major Characters
  • Before the Iliad: background information and related myths that give young readers access to the world of the Iliad
  • Vocabulary definitions and a pronunciation guide

The Core Classics® series presents stories loved for generations in abridged versions for young readers, illustrated and annotated, and faithful to the style, plot, and themes of the originals. This volume includes a brief biography of the author and an introduction by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

In the upper elementary grades, Core Classics® are suitable for strong readers or reading aloud; in middle school and up, the texts are appropriate for independent reading.

A discount applies to the purchase of 25 or more Core Classics® books (any titles).

Selections from the Core Classics® edition:

286 pages


ISBN: 978-1-68380-615-8

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