Students, teachers, administrators, parents—everyone benefits from implementing a Core Knowledge program.
Core Knowledge Sequence Implementation Guide Cover

For schools and districts, Core Knowledge:

  • Provides a coherent plan for learning that builds cumulatively from grade to grade.
  • Helps students build strong foundations of knowledge for success in high school and beyond.
  • Creates a common focus that promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Teach Core Knowledge at a School 

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Have you been doing Core Knowledge for a while and want to get stronger? Or, do you want more resources? Take it to the next level.

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Teach Core Knowledge at Home

The Core Knowledge Foundation has created a Families webpage dedicated to meeting the needs of parent/guardian educators.  This page addresses four central questions that we’ve heard from our growing homeschooling community:

  • What is the Core Knowledge curriculum?
  • How do I get Core Knowledge instructional materials?
  • How can I prepare to teach the curriculum?
  • Where can I find more support?
Visit our Families Webpage