The Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ provides comprehensive, content-rich learning materials based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. Student readers, teacher guides, activity books, and other materials are available for Language Arts, History and Geography, and Science. Materials for Math are in development.

Free Downloadable Core Knowledge Curriculum

By making many of our Core Knowledge curriculum materials freely available, we work to put into practice the principle that every child in a democracy should have access to shared, enabling knowledge.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer to view our materials, which is available as a free download on the Adobe website.

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Language Arts Curriculum

The Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum provides comprehensive materials to teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The program is free to download and available for students in Preschool through Grade 6.

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History and Geography Curriculum

Through our History and Geography curriculum, Core Knowledge offers comprehensive materials to teach world and American history and geography. The curriculum follows the Core Knowledge Sequence to help students build knowledge of diverse civilizations, cultures, and concepts.

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Science Curriculum

 The Core Knowledge Science curriculum offers comprehensive materials to teach scientific concepts and develop scientific practices through hands-on activities. Based on the revised Core Knowledge Science Sequence, the curriculum helps students build knowledge in the life, physical, and earth/space sciences, as well as engineering design.

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Math Curriculum

 The Core Knowledge Mathematics curriculum offers comprehensive materials to support conceptual understanding and procedural fluency for student success in math. Units for the middle grades 6–8 are being developed now.

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Recommended Titles by Other Publishers that Enhance Core Knowledge Implementation

We offer this grade-by-grade list of books sold by other publishers for schools that may be interested in adding these titles to their school or classroom libraries. All books have been reviewed by Core Knowledge staff.

Grade-by-Grade Recommendations for Additional Titles by Other Publishers

More in the Store

Visit the Core Knowledge Store to explore other content-rich materials, including the popular What Your ___ Grader Needs to Know series. Looking for print editions of items in the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series? As they become available, you’ll find those in the Store as well.

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Terms of Use for Free Core Knowledge Curriculum

The materials made available for download are freely available for anyone to use, adapt, and share (with attribution). No one is permitted to extract any images included in our PDF materials for use in any other way; to do so would be a violation of the agreements under which the images were licensed. No one is permitted to sell either the original program, an adaptation of it, or lesson plans that reproduce any part of it. For more information, see the Guidelines to Core Knowledge and the Creative Commons License.

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