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In this unit, students will trace the path of electricity from the power plant, through their home, and to wall sockets. They will explore different devices that use electricity, as well as safety precautions around the use of electricity. Students will also investigate how magnets are used to produce electricity.

In this unit, students investigate phenomena associated with electricity and magnetism. They will further explore magnetism in Grade 3 Unit 1 Investigating Forces and electricity in Grade 4 Unit 1 Energy Transfer and Transformation.

Students using this unit will identify many devices that use electricity, differentiate between current and static electricity, identify the makeup of a circuit, and relate magnets to electrical devices. Reading about electricity and magnetism is reinforced by teacher demonstrations. Students further explore their environment and investigate through manipulation of objects and materials. Student will also:

  • observe and influence the effects of static electricity by manipulating hands-on materials.
  • assemble a simple circuit to figure out that electricity must flow in a complete circuit.
  • use a magnet to manipulate a compass to demonstrate that magnets can induce rotating motion.

In short, electricity and magnetism are involved in the operation of many familiar devices. Helping students look for electricity and magnetism in the operation of familiar devices lays the groundwork for cause-and-effect thinking and a problem-solving mindset as they continue learning.

This activity-centered approach requires, at times, that schools collect or purchase materials and equipment that will be needed to complete activities. Click here to see a complete materials supply list for Electricity and Magnetism.

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  • Student Reader: engagingly written text with many color illustrations, maps, vocabulary sidebars, and a glossary

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