Grade 7Mathematics

Focus: In this second Grade 7 unit, students extend their prior knowledge about equivalent ratios from Grade 6 Unit 2. Doing this prepares the way for learning about percentages and linear functions, studied later in Grade 7 and Grade 8 respectively. Students build on their knowledge of ratios to study comparisons of quantities, recognizing that you can discuss the amount of one quantity in comparison to a second quantity (e.g., miles per hour). They move on to apply this knowledge to use and interpret tables, equations, and then graphs of proportional relationships.

For example, students use maps and figures/models of real-world proportions such as denominations of coins, adjusting recipes, and planning enough food for large groups or pets. Throughout the unit, students discuss their mathematical ideas and respond to the ideas of others. This unit specifically provides the learner with preparation for later studies, for example, Grade 7 Unit 4 Proportional Relationships and Percentages, as well as Grade 8 Unit 2 Dilations and Similarity.

Number of Lessons: 15

Lesson Time: Approximately 45 minutes. Please note that each lesson is designed for one instructional block, and may be divided into shorter segments based on teacher pacing and student needs.

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