CKSci Core Knowledge Science

The Core Knowledge Science (CKSci) program includes the comprehensive elementary science curriculum, plus additional resources for teachers and students in Kindergarten through grade 5.

The curriculum, which follows the Core Knowledge approach, provides students with a firm basis in the factual knowledge of the sciences and engineering design specified in the Core Knowledge Science Sequence. Additionally, this program has been informed by many positive aspects of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

CKSci Curriculum Components

For each grade level, you’ll find a range of titles to cover during the school year with each year building upon the knowledge learned in the previous year. The Core Knowledge Science program includes what you’ll need to begin implementing the curriculum at your school or at home.

  • Student Readers: engagingly written to bring the wonders of the world right into your classroom, also available as e-books
  • Teacher Guides: with detailed lesson plans and activity page masters, including student investigation guides and assessments and notes for NGSS Performance Expectations
  • Online Resources Guides: with links to resources that support learning and engagement with the core ideas in science and engineering

See CKSci Titles By Grade Level

We also offer additional implementation tips, tools and resources for extra help.

CK puts knowledge at the heart of learningDownload Free CKSci Materials

Core Knowledge Science curriculum materials are available for free download. New units are in development and will be added when ready. Be sure to review the Terms of Use for free materials.

Download Free CKSci Materials

Many CKSci materials are also available in print versions for purchase in our online Store.

Featured Title: Electricity and Magnetism

CKSci Electricity and Magnetism Student Reader CoverIn this Grade 2 Core Knowledge Science unit, students will trace the path of electricity from the power plant, through their home, and to wall sockets.

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Integrating Science Curriculum With Additional Subjects

CKSci follows our approach to knowledge-based schooling. It allows students to build and deepen their knowledge grade by grade and to make cross-curricular connections across subjects.

CKSci and Language Arts

CKLA Organisms and Their Habitats Student Reader CoverCore Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) offers early exposure to many of the same core ideas as CKSci, supporting a student’s learning progression toward an ever more complex understanding of science.

CKLA lays a foundation of knowledge and literacy about a topic before students are expected to investigate phenomena through the lens of scientific practices and crosscutting concepts. It covers many of the same topics as CKSci, like light, sound, habitats, and astronomy, specifically for the purpose of building background knowledge and literacy with informational texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about CKSci? Browse the Frequently Asked Questions specifically related to Core Knowledge Science for grades K-5.

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Terms of Use

The Core Knowledge Science materials made available for download are freely available for anyone to use, adapt, and share (with attribution), but no one is permitted to sell either the original program, an adaptation of it, or lesson plans that reproduce any part of it. For more information, see the Guidelines to Core Knowledge and the Creative Commons License.