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Core Knowledge Science™ (CKSci™) is a comprehensive program for elementary science that helps students to

  • build knowledge cumulatively and coherently while addressing core ideas in life, physical, and earth/space sciences, as well as engineering design;
  • develop scientific practices that give students’ firsthand experience in scientific inquiry, engineering, and technology; and,
  • connect scientific learning to concepts across various disciplines, such as mathematics and literacy.

Units in the CKSci program are based on the revised K5 Science Sequence (2020). The CKSci instructional materials retain and reinforce the proven pedagogy of the Core Knowledge approach. The program provides the student with a firm basis in factual knowledge of the sciences and engineering design. Additionally, this program has been informed by many positive aspects of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Teacher Guides for each unit contain information to quickly reference how the CKSci program is related to the NGSS Performance Expectations.

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Note: Additional K–2 Units will be posted as they are completed during the 2020–2021 school year.

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CKSci™ Components

  • Student Readers: engagingly written to bring the wonders of the world right into your classroom
  • Teacher Guides: with detailed lesson plans and activity page masters, including student investigation guides and assessments
  • Online Resource Guides: with links to resources that support learning and engagement with the core ideas in science and engineering

See how the K5 Science Sequence (2020) was informed by the NGSS

The development of the revised K5 Science Sequence was informed by the pedagogy and framework of the Next Generation Science Standards. By studying and evaluating NGSS documents, Core Knowledge was able to take the best of new science educational thought and apply it to the principles of the Core Knowledge approach.

Read more about the Core Knowledge Science Sequence and NGSS

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