Focus: In this Grade K unit, Computers All Around Us, the goal of the instruction is that young students build a concept of what makes something a computer and how we use computer devices in our daily lives.

The key question guiding the unit is: What are computers and where can we find them?

Students think about how tools and devices can be helpful for completing tasks. Most students, from everyday experience, can differentiate devices that need a power source from those that do not. Within the class of devices that need a power source, students can form a further classification of electronic devices—ones that do something with information that is put into the device. Upon recognizing input-processing-output characteristics of devices, students can also begin to classify and use devices for different purposes, including playing games, communicating, and doing schoolwork.

Students explore questions that include the following:

  • What kinds of electronic devices are around us?
  • What kinds of devices are computers and what are some of their parts?
  • How do computers receive input?
  • What are some common activities that can be done with a desktop computer?
  • What are laptop and notebook computers?
  • What are some icons or symbols that can represent apps or computer functions?
  • Are smartphones computers?
  • How are computers connected by the internet?

Number of Lessons: 8, but each Lesson is divided into Lesson Parts.

Instruction Time:

  • Each Lesson Part is designed to be completed in one thirty to forty-five-minute session.
  • Some single-day activities and performance tasks might require setting aside a longer block of time.
  • This Unit can be completed in about sixteen class days.
  • A Pacing Guide Template is provided within the Teacher Guide so teachers can map out customized instructional days for this unit.
  • A complete list of Materials needed to complete the unit is provided in Online Resources.

Additional Search Terms: device • electronic • battery • plug • power • outlet • computer • keyboard • mouse • desktop • monitor • processor • printer • app • icon • laptop • trackpad • software • notebook • internet • touchscreen • smartphone • video • email • password • game console • controller • nonfiction • informational text

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