Grade 5Language Arts

Focus: Students will learn that the poems in this unit are drawn from various literary traditions over the last several centuries, and they range from William Blake’s eighteenth century verse to the work of such contemporary writers as Virgil Suárez and Marie Howe. The poets come from many backgrounds and nations; the poets included are of European, Middle Eastern, African American, Native American, and Hispanic descent. The poems themselves are similarly diverse; some employ precise meter and rhyme schemes, while others use free verse and experimentation. This unit encourages students to express their views on the poems they encounter. This unit also provides explicit instruction in reading, writing, morphology, grammar, and spelling. Note: Schools will need to purchase the Poet’s Journal, directly from Amplify. The Poet’s Journal has been designed to reinforce the unit’s integration of reading and writing poetry. Click here to purchase the Poet’s Journal from Amplify.

Number of Lessons: 12

 Lesson Time: 90 minutes each. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments.

Additional Search Terms: poetry • poetic device • rhyme • apostrophes • tone • compare and contrast • figurative language • parallel structure • contrast and meaning • interpretation

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