Grade 7Language Arts

Focus: Unit 4, The Time Machine examines the features of science fiction. Although the novel proposes a fantastical scientific discovery—time travel—it was not the mechanics or the scientific theories of how such a device might operate that really interested the author. The novel was an opportunity for the author to explore and lay out his ideas about what the future development of human civilization might look like. The book is filled with adventure, mystery, intrigue, and horror. Wells’s descriptions, his characterization, and his clever exploration of themes make The Time Machine a true classic in the science fiction genre.

This unit examines characterization, character development, and theme development.  Students will explore reasons why authors select specific points of view to tell a story and how the elements of character, setting, and plot interact. This text creates the perfect opportunity to analyze how figurative and descriptive language impact a story.

In this unit, students will practice grammar skills involving the use of commas and active and passive voice. They will practice morphology skills involving a variety of Greek and Latin prefixes, including ex-, extra-, hyper-, hypo-, pro-, sub-, and super-. Students are expected to apply these skills throughout the units. Students will also write and publish an original narrative in the science fiction genre.

Number of Lessons: 9

Lesson Time: 90 minutes. Each lesson is broken down into 2 segments consisting of 45 minutes.

Additional Terms: scientific concept • tone • philosophical • principle • futuristic

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