Grade 4Language Arts

Focus: Unit 4 is a study of the poetry in the CKLA Grade 4 version of Listen, My Children, which addresses the study of poetry as a genre of literature for many reasons. Not only does the genre allow students to study literary techniques unique to poetry, but it exposes students to deep philosophical thoughts and emotional issues not always present in prose. In this unit, as students read the selected poems, they will focus on literary techniques used in that poetry, such as figurative language, rhyme schemes, metaphor, and repetition. Students will also examine specific vocabulary associated with poetry, including stanza, line, free verse, and narrative poem. Students will also be able to distinguish poetry from prose. Note: Schools will need to purchase the Core Knowledge Publication, Listen My Children, Poems for Fourth Graders, ISBN  978-1-890517-32-8.

Number of Lessons: 10

Lesson Time: 90 minutes each. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments

Additional Search Terms: rhyme • rhythm • repetition • figurative language • rhyme scheme • simile • literature • imagery • identity • narrative poem

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