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Focus: In this Core Knowledge History and Geography unit, entitled The History of the United States: Precolonial to the 1800s; Modern TimesLate 1800s to Modern Day, students explore life in the Americas prior to European exploration, and the centuries that followed. Two engaging, and visually appealing Student Volumes, and one expansive Teacher Guide are included.


Student Volume 1 contains nine chapters covering such content as early settlement, Revolution, the founding of a new nation, the American Civil War, and Reconstruction. Student Volume 2 contains eight chapters covering such topics as, Industrialization, World War 1, the Great Depression, World War 2, The 1960s, Vietnam, The Cold War, Civil Rights, the Gulf War, 9/11, and current events.

Number of Lessons: 17 lessons (Nine Chapters/Lessons in Volume 1, Eight Chapters/Lessons in Volume 2)

Lesson Time: 45 minutes each daily. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments.

 Additional Search Terms:
Mayflower Compact • banish • congregation • medieval • monopoly • Mongol • diplomatic mission • agrarian society • monetary economy • conquistador • isthmus • yellow fever • convert • mutiny • armada • joint-stock company • gentleman class, cash crop • indentured servitude • proprietary colony • debtor • buffer zone • inhumane • cargo • tropical latitudes • sanctuary • proclamation • taxes • “the rights of Englishmen” • burgess • quartering • boycott • repeal • “trial by jury” • intolerable • resolution • self-determination • natural rights • abolitionist • secede • arsenal, draft • “tide of battle” • blockade • impeach • “high crimes and misdemeanors” • chattel slavery • imperialism • nationalism • militarism • “interlocking alliances” • Central Powers • Allied Powers • moving assembly line • celluloid film • prohibition • gangster • bootlegger • isolationist • League of Nations • stock market crash • GDP (gross domestic product) • Federal Reserve

These materials are designed for a full year use in Middle School. The complete U.S. History text can be used in either 7th or 8th grade for schools following the Core Knowledge Sequence. Pacing Guides will be provided for a single student volume option for a full year use, or use of two student volumes across a full year.

The Student Volumes include new features such as:

  • Think Twice questions that prompt a deeper analysis of the text.
  • Find Out the Facts assignments.
  • Writers’ Corner boxes present students with writing tasks, such as essays, reports, and creative compositions.

The Teacher Guide also includes new features such as:

  • The Learning Lab provides additional time for students to complete the new Student Volume features, before the chapter is wrapped up.
  • A Talk it Over opportunity encourages discussion or debate, either in the Guided Reading Support, or in the Additional Activities.
  • When Primary Source documents are used within a lesson, the importance of such resources is highlighted.
  • Finally, select American History chapters offer opportunities for Civic Action and involvement. This part of the CKHG series feature, “The Pathway to Citizenship,” focuses on the foundational knowledge students need in order to become literate citizens.
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