Core Knowledge Mathematics™ is the latest subject-area to be added to the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ and is rolling out now for the middle grades in 6–8. Based upon the highly-rated, open source Illustrative Math curriculum, CKMath offers students the opportunity to develop conceptual understanding and procedural fluency while they work with teachers to apply math in the real world. Comprehensive Teacher Guides support educators in conducting productive mathematical discussions to ensure mathematical success for all students. Each unit includes a downloadable Student Workbook with activities and practice problems, and additional Teacher Resources that help educators implement the curriculum.

The full suite of 27 middle school units will include:

Grade 6

  • Area and Surface Area
  • Introducing Ration
  • Unit Rates and Percentages
  • Dividing Fractions
  • Arithmetic in Base Ten
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Rational Numbers
  • Data Sets and Distributions
  • Putting It All Together: Grade 6

Grade 7

  • Scale Drawings
  • Introducing Proportional Relationships
  • Measuring Circles
  • Proportional Relationships
    and Percentages
  • Rational Number Arithmetic
  • Expressions, Equations,
    and Inequalities
  • Angles, Triangle, and Prisms
  • Probability and Sampling
  • Putting It All Together: Grade 7

Grade 8

  • Rigid Transformations
    and Congruence
  • Dilations, Similarity,
    and Introducing Slope
  • Linear Relationships
  • Linear Equations and Linear Systems
  • Functions and Volume
  • Associations in Data
  • Exponents
    and Scientific Notation
  • Pythagorean Theorem
    and Irrational Numbers
  • Putting It All Together: Grade 8

Available now for free download: The first unit of each grade 6–8

Additional units in grades 6–8 will be posted as they are completed.

To read more about the concepts and design behind CKMath™, we encourage you to dive into the Teacher Implementation Guide for each grade. For example, the Grade 6 Teacher Implementation Guide offers insight into how and why CKMath supports students as they engage with real-world mathematics. The Implementation Guides help to:

  • Clarify the design, research, and format of CKMath
  • Plan the pacing and sequence of activities, lessons, and assessments
  • Support diverse learners, including English language learners, students with disabilities, and students requesting additional challenges
  • And more!

What is yet to come?

We are striving to create a comprehensive Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ for the elementary and middle grades across multiple subject areas, including Language Arts, History and Geography, and Science. CKMath will include elementary grades K-5 in the future. After the 27 middle school units are completed, our efforts will turn to kindergarten through fifth grade.

Get started today and download a middle school unit now

2 comments on “Introducing Core Knowledge Mathematics™ (CKMath™)”

  1. 1
    Kathryn Phillips on June 7, 2021

    Does CK have a math curriculum series?

    1. 2
      Kristen Rodriguez on June 11, 2021

      We our 6-8 math curriculum is currently in development. Please see this link for more details:

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