The Core Knowledge Foundation is pleased to announce that we have turned our attention to the development of instructional materials in grades 6-8 for teachers, parents, and students . We are adding these materials to our wide array of comprehensive and downloadable materials for Kindergarten through Grade 5 in language arts, history and geography, and science.

Here is an overview of this multi-year initiative.

Core Knowledge Mathematics

Core Knowledge Mathematics™ is the newest subject-area to be added to the Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™, with our immediate focus on the middle grades in 6–8. Based upon the highly-rated Illustrative Math and Open Up Resources OER curriculum, CKMath offers students the opportunity to develop conceptual understanding and procedural fluency while they work with an adult to apply math in the real world. Comprehensive Teacher Guides support educators in orchestrating productive mathematical discussions and ensuring mathematical success for all students. Available now: Grade 6 Unit 1 Area and Surface Area. Coming Soon: Grade 7 Unit 1 Scale Drawings and Grade 8 Unit 1 Rigid Transformation and Congruence. Additional units in grades 6–8 will be posted as they are completed.

Core Knowledge History and Geography

A total of fifty-two Core Knowledge History and Geography™ units for Kindergarten – Grade 6 are available now for free download. We are currently working on writing both Student Texts and Teacher Guides for a Survey of American History, that is intended for use in either Grade 7 or 8, depending on when American History is taught in each state’s standards. These materials, written by subject matter experts, will cover:

  • The First Americans
  • European Exploration and Colonization
  • The US Constitution
  • The New Republic and The War of 1812
  • Westward Expansion Before the Civil War
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Westward Expansion After the Civil War
  • Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts
  • Immigration, Industrialization, and Urbanization
  • Social Movements and Reform
  • World War I
  • The Twenties and the Great Depression
  • World War II
  • Postwar America and the Cold War, Vietnam, and the Age of Civil Rights
  • The United States at Home and on the World Stage
  • The Challenges Ahead and Powerful Voices

Core Knowledge Language Arts

Over 100 Core Knowledge Language Arts™ units for Preschool – Grade 5 are available now for free download. We are currently working on the development of eight CKLA Grade 6 units comprised of Student Texts and Teacher Guides which will include a balance of classic and contemporary literature:

The Teacher Guides will be aligned to the Common Core States Standards and will address teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Core Knowledge Science

Twenty-nine Core Knowledge Science™ units for Kindergarten – Grade 5 are available now for free download. We are currently working on the development of a Grade 6-8 Core Knowledge Science Sequence, analogous to the K-5 Core Knowledge Science Sequence. Once the Grade 6-8 Science Sequence has been completed, we will begin the creation of eight CKSci Grade 6 units comprised of Student Texts and Teacher Guides.

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Keep on eye on the Core Knowledge Blog in the weeks to come for more detailed descriptions of the Core Knowledge Middle School materials!

8 comments on “Core Knowledge Middle School Materials In Development”

  1. 1
    Mary Geiter on February 3, 2021

    Who are these subject matter experts? What are their backgrounds?

    1. 2
      Kristen Rodriguez on February 3, 2021

      I have been asked to respond to a query you had regarding our subject matter experts, and in particular, our SMEs in relation to the History Program. Firstly, the content of CKHG is aligned to the topics in the CK Sequence. We ask university level specialists in particular periods of history to review our instructional materials to ensure that there are no factual errors, etc. For CKHG K-6, their names are cited in the back of each student reader. We are currently working on G7, US History. I can provide you with the following information about the Author/SMEs we are currently working with on this project.

      For G7 CKHG US History, Volume 1, the Author/SME has a doctorate from Florida State in History with a Concentration on 20th Century Intellectual and African American History. She is an award-winning educator. Her experiences include working in the K-12 classroom, and at the at the college level as a professor of Teacher Education, American, and African American History.

      For G7 CKHG US History, Volume 2, the Author/SMEs has a doctorate in History from Columbia University. He has taught at the University of Michigan, Columbia University, and NYU. He is a member of the National Council of Civic Engagement, and he is a published author.

      Thank you for reaching out to Core Knowledge.

      My very best wishes.


      Editorial Director Core Knowledge History and Geography

  2. 3
    Jamie on February 3, 2021

    So glad to hear y’all are expanding! I used your programs when my kids were in elementary, they’re not in Jr. High and high school. We were just talking about how they wished I taught the curriculum they used to do. Now I can, at least for one!

  3. 4
    Vanessa Conti on February 24, 2021

    Is there a proposed timeframe for 6th Grade Science specifically? Our school is looking at choosing our Science curriculum for next year, and I would very much prefer to use a Core Knowledge product, but of course I would need to know that the materials are on track to be ready for next year (even if it’s not all at once!)

  4. 5
    Deanna Storm on March 1, 2021

    Will the 6-8 science curriculum be released next year? Are you working on one grade level at a time?

  5. 6
    Core Knowledge on March 2, 2021

    The CKSci 6–8 program is in the early stages of development. We hope to start posting units (on our site) in late 2021/early 2022. At this point in time, we haven’t determined if we’ll be releasing one grade level at a time or all three grades at once. If we work on all three grade levels in tandem, we’ll likely incrementally release units across grades over time.

    If you would like to receive announcements regarding CKSci, consider completing our brief “Stay in the Know” form ( Once you complete that form, you will be on our “email list” and will automatically be notified about any Core Knowledge related news.

  6. 7
    Tiffany Cale on November 3, 2021

    Will there be 7th and 8th grade language arts?

    1. 8
      Kristen Rodriguez on November 3, 2021

      Yes, both grades 7 and 8 are being conceptualized.

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