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Sequence Implementation: Preschool

The Core Knowledge Sequence for Preschool is unique, so we have pulled together our most frequent questions and answers into the Preschool Sequence FAQs.

Sequence Implementation: K–8

Have questions about the K–8 Sequence and the trajectory of learning that occurs up through middle school? Review our K–8 Sequence FAQs to find answers.

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA): Preschool

Check out the CKLA PreK FAQs if you have questions specific to our English Language Arts program for preschool.

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA): K–5

Parents and educators often have questions about English Language Arts in the elementary grades as well. Review the CKLA K–5 FAQs to help you find answers.

Core Knowledge Science (CKSci): 3–5

Interested in learning more about CKSci and the 2019 Core Knowledge Science Sequence? Check out our CKSci FAQs.


Core Knowledge has been used by many homeschooling parents. Our Homeschool FAQs can help you to kickstart your homeschool classroom and strengthen your use of Core Knowledge with your children.

Professional Development

Our options for training and support can also prompt a lot of good questions. Check out our Professional Development FAQs for answers regarding the Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals, the turnkey training kits, and more.