Grade 4Science

Focus: Students will be familiar with the relationship between senses and movement—that most of the time when they move a body part, that movement is initiated or guided by their senses. What they may not be familiar with are the changes that movement brings about in the circulatory and respiratory systems in the body. With every movement, the circulatory and respiratory systems of the human body will respond to supply the body with oxygen and other nutrients.

In this unit, students will consider the respiratory and circulatory systems and the role those systems play when students participate in a fun run. The circulatory system will move blood and oxygen through the bloodstream, where blood and oxygen are needed. The respiratory system will exchange the oxygen for the waste product carbon dioxide.

Students will also build on their understanding from previous grades about human body structures and their functions.

Number of Lessons: 8

  • Lesson time: Most Core Lessons constitute one classroom session of thirty to forty-five minutes. Some lessons cover two or three days of instruction. Some single-day activities and performance tasks might require setting aside a longer block of time.
  • Lesson order: The lessons are coherently sequenced to build from one to the next, linking student engagement across lessons and helping students build new learning on prior knowledge.
  • Because Human Respiration and Circulation is not designed to support any specific NGSS Performance Expectation, the instructional episodes are not grouped into multipart lessons. As such, they are identified simply as lessons instead of lesson segments.
  • Please note that a Pacing Guide template is provided within the Teacher Guide so teachers can map out customized instructional days for this unit.

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