Grade 4Language Arts

Focus: Unit 8 Students will explore Treasure Island which is a literary text in the subgenre of adventure story. It is a specific type of adventure story—a romance. This kind of romance is not about love, but the brave feats, or acts, of heroes, such as knights or explorers, who strive for noble goals. Students will also be exposed to other relevant aspects of the text, such as geography, pirates, and sailing. Students will focus on character development, setting, and plot, as well as literary devices, while reading an abridged version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s popular adventure story. Students will be engage in an extended writing project. This unit also provides explicit instruction in reading, writing, morphology, grammar, and spelling.

Number of Lessons: 19

Lesson Time: 90 minutes each. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments.

Additional Search Terms: Introduce Relative Pronouns for Things  •  Coordinating Conjunctions • Dialogue • Prefixes • Suffixes • Roots • Draft • Edit • Revise

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