Grade 5Language Arts

Focus: Students will learn that the Adventures of Don Quixote was originally written in the early 1600s by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (generally referred to as “Cervantes”/saer*von*taes/) who lived in Spain. This work represents a very popular genre of books read and enjoyed by many people during this period which recounted fantastic adventures, brave deeds, and fanciful romances of various fictitious knights. However, Cervantes wrote Adventures of Don Quixote to poke fun at this genre of books, which were inspired by true accounts of the exploits and exploration of knights, or soldiers, who actually lived during the Middle Ages. This unit uses the following trade book as the reader: Adventures of Don Quixote, Text copyright © 1979 by Argentina Palacios Illustrations copyright © 1999 by Dover Publications, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Dover Publications, Inc. This unit also provides explicit instruction in reading, writing, morphology, grammar, and spelling.

 Number of Lessons: 15

 Lesson Time: 90 minutes each. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments.

Additional Search Terms: subject-action verb • structure and elements of a persuasive essay • pronoun • suffix • opinion vs fact • introductory paragraph • compare and contrast • concluding paragraph • commas

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