Grade 3History and Geography

Focus: This unit (Unit 1 for schools using the CKHG series in Sequence grade-level order) prepares students to use maps and globes to locate the continents, major oceans, and important world rivers. Students explore the benefits and dangers of rivers. They learn why ancient civilizations and modern cities were established near rivers, and how rivers are often associated with major historical events. Rivers studied include the Ganges, Indus, Yellow (Huang He), Yangtze (Chang Jiang), Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, Niger, Congo, Amazon, Orinoco, Mississippi, Mackenzie, Yukon, Murray, Darling, Volga, Danube, and Rhine.

Number of Lessons: 10

Lesson Time: 30 minutes each daily. Lessons may be combined into longer sessions.

Additional Search Terms: social studies • geography • map skills • nonfiction • informational text • Mark Twain

CKHG Grade Levels: CKHG units are correlated to topics at the grade levels specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence, which allows students in schools following the Sequence to build knowledge grade by grade. In other settings, individual CKHG units may be used as supplemental resources. In general, the content and presentation in the CKHG units for Grades 3-5 are appropriate for young readers from the upper elementary grades through middle school.

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