New Spanish Translation Core Knowledge History and Geography Materials (CKHG) Now Available for Free Download

In response to numerous requests to provide our materials translated into Spanish to support greater access for students, the Core Knowledge Foundation is pleased to announce the following Core Knowledge History and Geography titles available for free download on our website.

In Kindergarten:

  • Los Nativos Americanos
    (Native Americans)
  • Explorando y Mudándose a Estados Unidos
    (Exploring and Moving to America)


In Grade 1:

  • La Independencia de las Trece Colonias
    (From Colonies to Independence)
  • Explorando el Oeste
    (Exploring the West)


In Grade 2:

  • Inmigración y Ciudadania
    (Immigration and Citizenship)
  • Líderes de los Derechos Civiles
    (Civil Rights Leaders)


In Grade 3:

  • La Exploración de América del Norte
    (Exploration of North America)
  • Las Trece Colonias
    (The Thirteen Colonies)


In Grade 4:

  • La Revolución Americana
    (The American Revolution)
  • LA Constitución de los Estados Unidos
    (The US Constitution)


In Grade 5:

  • La Guerra Civil
    (The Civil War)
  • Los Nativos Americanos y la Expansión Hacia el Oeste: Culturas y Conflictos
    (Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts)


In Grade 6:

  • La Formación de los Estados Unidos: IInmigración, Industrialización y Reforma
    (Immigration, Industrialization and Urbanization in America)



If you are looking for any of our other student readers for CKHG or CKSci translated into Spanish, please visit our vendor partner Fathom Reads.  Translations are available in e-book format through a subscrpition. Interactive e-books are also available in English for CKHG, CKSci as well as our Core Classics.

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