Alignment Chart: Native Americans

The Alignment Chart indicates which lessons in this unit address content from the Core Knowledge Sequence and Common Core State Standards.

Teacher Guide: Native Americans

This comprehensive Teacher Guide specifies learning objectives and provides background information, daily lesson plans, assessments, and other resources for teaching the unit.

Native Americans: CKHG Teacher Guide

Native Americans Teacher Guide provides detailed lesson plans for each Student Book chapter, as well as activity page masters, assessments, additional activities (such as virtual field trips, simulations, or literary selections), and interdisciplinary connections to reinforce the lesson content.

Native Americans: CKHG Student Book

Native Americans introduces young students to the lives of early peoples in the Eastern Woodlands, American Southwest, and Pacific Northwest by telling stories of Native American children who shared in these rich cultures.

My Passport Images: Native Americans

Each unit will contain three or more beautiful passport images that can be used as passport stamps. The stamps are a reminder of some of the wonderful places the students explore in each unit.      

My Passport: Native Americans

My Passport is a tangible reminder and souvenir of the various events and places that students using the CKHG units at their grade level will have visited and learned about over the course of the school year. Teachers will need to make sufficient copies of the Passport and passport images for each student. After the…