Preschool Starter Kit

$159.00 $109.95

For individual grade levels from Preschool through Grade 5, the Starter Kits conveniently bundle a selection of Core Knowledge resources for newcomers just getting started with Core Knowledge or experienced teachers looking to enrich their knowledge and complement their existing supply of Core Knowledge materials. Also, in schools using the Core Knowledge Language Arts program, the Starter Kits can help teachers extend their instruction to embrace the full range of Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence topics.

Starter Kits are priced to offer a significant discount compared to the amount if items were purchased individually. See below for a list of items in the Preschool Starter Kit and links to descriptions.

The Preschool Sequence Starter Kit includes these items:

Recommended and available for separate purchase: The Core Knowledge Preschool-Kindergarten Music CD Set includes compact discs with recordings of many of the musical works specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence, such as Brahms’ Lullaby and Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals.

A Note on Returns: We accept returns within 30 days of the date of purchase. Starter Kits must be returned as whole kits. Any software or shrink-wrapped items in the kit must be unopened for a return to be accepted.

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