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Introduction to 3–5 Core Knowledge Science

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This 5-part online course offers an introduction to Grades 3–5 Core Knowledge Science (CKSci) program. It includes background information on the approach and design, an overview of the materials, examples of how the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are applied, and more.

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The Introduction to 3–5 Core Knowledge Science online course includes five modules that highlight core elements and considerations for successful implementation, such as: what are the key resources; what design principles informed the look and feel of the program; and, how is three-dimensional learning facilitated.

Audience: Teachers, Instructional Support Personnel (e.g., Coaches), School Leaders

Course Objectives

  • Describe how the Core Knowledge approach, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and effective teaching practices all influenced the design of the CKSci program.
  • Identify each of the resources that make up the CKSci 3–5 program.
  • Describe key features within the Teacher Guide.
  • Identify examples of three-dimensional learning in a CKSci lesson or capstone project

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