Grades 3-5 American History Interactive e-Books

Core Knowledge is very pleased to announce the latest addition to our current list of publications— digital Core Knowledge American History and Geography student “e-Books” Grades 3-5.
Each e-Book will offer a wide-range of functionality, such as:

  • The entire text read aloud in English and/or in Spanish.
  • Engaging activities for students to complete as they read.
  • Prompts that check students’ understanding as they read.
  • Embedded third-party videos and resources that deepen and extend understanding.


We are offering an introductory price for the 2019–2020 school year. Schools will be able to purchase an annual license for $399.00 and parents can acquire an annual license for $99.00.

The e-Books will be available for ten American History student reader titles in grades 3–5:

Grade 3

  • The Earliest Americans
  • Exploration of North America 
  • The Thirteen Colonies

Grade 4

  • The American Revolution 
  • The United States Constitution 
  • Early Presidents and Social Reformers

Grade 5

  • The Geography of the United States
  • Westward Expansion Before the Civil War
  • The Civil War
  • Native Americans and Westward Expansion: Culture and Conflicts

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the interactive eBooks, please click the button below to submit a contact form.