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CK Leader Starter Kit – A


The Leader Starter kit is a one-stop shop for getting started with Core Knowledge! The kit’s Leader’s Guide and online resources offer school leaders specific guidance and a wealth of tools that can be used to build buy-in with staff, develop understandings around the research that served as the underpinning of the Core Knowledge approach, and strengthen implementation.

This kit serves as a complement to the Core Knowledge Leadership Institute.  While the kit can be used independently, participating in the Institute and utilizing this kit will assist leaders with setting one’s school up for success with Core Knowledge.

The kit is designed to assist leaders in meeting four goals:

  1.  Introduce staff and/or school community to Core Knowledge and the benefits this approach affords students.
  2.  Build deeper understandings around the theories and research that informs the Core Knowledge approach.
  3.  Establish a process for piloting materials and reflecting on results.
  4.  Self-assess implementation of Core Knowledge in order to identify strengths and areas of need.

The Leadership Starter Kit-A includes these items:

  •  In How to Educate a Citizen (September, 2020), E.D. Hirsch continues the conversation he began thirty years ago with his classic bestseller Cultural Literacy, urging America’s public schools, particularly in Preschool – Grade 8, to educate our children using common, coherent and sequenced curricula to help heal and preserve the nation.

Please note that only one copy of this title will be provided in the kit. To purchase additional copies, visit the link above.

  • Getting Started with Core Knowledge: A Leader’s Guide offers leaders detailed support in preparing and guiding staff through various stages of implementation. It is divided into four sections:
    • Part 1 — Building Buy-In: A Case for Core Knowledge
      How to build Core Knowledge buy-in with staff and/school community
    • Part 2 — A Closer Look at the Research: How to Educate a Citizen Book Study
      How to facilitate a book study around one of Dr. E.D. Hirsch Jr.’s books
    • Part 3 — Piloting Materials: CKHG™ and CKSci™ Student Texts
      How to pilot Core Knowledge materials (as supplemental resources or a complete program)
    • Part 4 — Fidelity of Implementation: The Implementation Feedback Report
      How to self-assess implementation in order to identify and address needs
  • The “Leader Starter Kit Online Resources” is a password protected webpage that includes templates, editable documents, and PowerPoint presentation tools that will enable leaders to personalize many of the resources presented in the Leader’s Guide. Contents include, but are not limited to:
    • “A Case for Core Knowledge” PowerPoint and Facilitator Guide
    • Book Study Guide*
    • Discussion Facilitation Guide*
    • Pilot Reflection samples
    • Implementation Feedback Report (IFR) with CKLA focus
    • Interactive “Case Studies” that allow one to practice applying the IFR

*While a sample Book Study Guide and Discussion Facilitation Guide are included in the Leader’s Guide, the online resources include additional questions allowing leaders to create a fully customizable book study based on the needs of their staff and available time.

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