Schools using Core Knowledge have been honored for their commitment to excellence and to closing the achievement gap. We are honored to have these schools as part of our growing community.

September 2016

The U.S. Department of Education announced the National Blue Ribbon Schools, recognized for overall academic excellence or closing achievement gaps. The 2016 Blue Ribbon winners included six schools helping students build strong foundations of knowledge through the Core Knowledge Sequence and (at some sites) the Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum.

Of those six, Center City PCS (Congress Heights Campus) in Washington, DC was noted as an Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing School. Five other Core Knowledge Blue Ribbon winners were distinguished as Exemplary High Performing Schools:

A lively profile of Icahn Charter 4 is featured in the Fall 2016 issue of EducationNext. Jeff Litt, Core Knowledge pioneer and now superintendent of Icahn’s network of seven charter schools, sums up the significance of a content-rich curriculum:

For children to be successful as adults, they need a baseline of knowledge so they’ll be able to communicate, understand a story in the New York Times, to someday write an article for the New York Times! People talk about critical thinking. You cannot think critically if you don’t have something to think about; knowledge matters. Jefferey Litt, Superintendent of Ichan Charter Schools, Bronx, New York

May 2016

Bryant Elementary School received a California Gold Ribbon award for innovation and excellence. After nearly closing its doors five years ago due to low test scores and enrollment, Lari Nelson became principal and the school adopted Core Knowledge. Today, Bryant Elementary is one of the top schools in the Riverside area. The school has reached such a high level of acclaim that parents from other cities are wanting to send their children to Bryant. Principal Nelson said, “We’ve created this pathway where kids love to come to school and they’re thriving.”

Read the Press Enterprise’s article to learn more about the Gold Ribbon award and Bryant Elementary.

April 2016

Peach Hill Academy was one of three schools chosen from the Moorpark area to receive the California Gold Ribbon. California also commended Peach Hill’s use of the Core Knowledge curriculum, which they have been using since 2001. Peach Hill’s principal Vicky Yasenchock noted that “education’s moving so fast nowadays that there are so many things that can be left out,” which is why she appreciates how the Core Knowledge curriculum “clearly defines” what students are expected to know before they can advance to the next grade level.

Read the Moorpark Acorn’s article about the event.


Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, High Peaks Elementary School, and Icahn Charter School 2 were named 2015 National Blue Ribbon Schools. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes Blue Ribbon Schools based on overall academic excellence or progress toward closing achievement gaps.


George Washington Academy, which uses the Core Knowledge Sequence, was named the Utah Public Charter School Association’s 2013 Charter School of the Year. GWA is a high-performing, kindergarten through eighth-grade school in St. George, Utah, with about 1,000 students. Read more about this award.