Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals (CKLPs) have a great deal of experience and knowledge of both the Core Knowledge approach and the Core Knowledge Sequence. Their qualifications include having:

  • Taught the Core Knowledge Sequence themselves;
  • Served as administrators in schools using Core Knowledge;
  • Consulted and advised Core Knowledge schools in various phases of implementation; and/or
  • Worked directly with the Foundation in developing and revising Core Knowledge Training.

Core Knowledge Licensed Professionals are consultants to any schools that engage their services. They are the only individuals permitted to offer on-site Core Knowledge training for a fee, but they operate independently from the Foundation. Each CKLP will set his or her own fees after discussing with the school specifically what on-site professional development is desired, the number of staff members to be trained, travel expenses, etc.

Many consultants have their own particular areas of interest and expertise, so we encourage you to carefully review each profile below to determine which Licensed Professional may best meet your school’s needs. If you are specifically interested in support for Core Knowledge Language Arts, please contact our publishing partner, Amplify, by phone at (800) 823-1969 or email at [email protected].

Meet Our Licensed Professionals

Please see each CKLP’s profile below for more information on the training and support services they may offer.

Susan is an educational consultant who has been a trainer with the Core Knowledge Foundation for 16 years. Her experience spans 42 years in the field of education, including Kindergarten, second grade, and college-level work. Susan has earned a BS in Elementary Education, MS in Elementary Education, and is certified K–6 and as an Assistant Principal K–12. She has trained all modules of the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and for the Core Knowledge Language Arts program for preschool–grade 2. As the project director for the Walton Preschool Initiative for eleven years, she led service for over 125 schools implementing the Core Knowledge Preschool Program, training and mentoring teachers twice monthly. As the pilot coordinator for the Core Knowledge Language Arts Pilot Program, she trained and observed teachers in the pilot schools in Florida, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina. She trained and mentored teachers with school visits in the Arkansas Delta who were implementing the CKLA Preschool program for a four-year period. She has also conducted school visits, providing feedback, advice, and guidance to schools implementing Core Knowledge.

Susan’s areas of expertise:

  • Preschool
  • Urban & Rural Settings
  • Public, Charter, Private, & Parochial Schools
  • Specific Preschool Content Areas, including
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Oral Language
    • Phonological Awareness, ABCs, and More!

Susan is located in Arkansas and is willing to travel anywhere in the U. S. to support Core Knowledge educators.

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Important Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Susan is currently unable to travel at this time. However, she can deliver select training via webinar.  Please contact her to learn more.   

Keith (Casey) Churchill has a long history with Core Knowledge and its curriculum, serving as a classroom teacher and administrator, as well as offering consulting services for schools. He first used the Core Knowledge curriculum as a third and sixth grade teacher in Rochester, MN. After teaching in Rochester Public Schools for six years, he moved to Liberty Common School in Colorado, where he taught sixth grade. Casey has taught a total of twelve years in the classroom at both the elementary and middle school levels. In 2009, after completing his principal licensure from Colorado State University, he became and remains principal at Liberty Common School. Casey has worked with the Core Knowledge Foundation since 2000, traveling the country to help start schools and analyze their curriculum implementation after adoption.

Casey’s areas of expertise include:

  • Grades K–8
  • Public & Charter Schools in Urban & Rural Settings
  • Assessment & Response to Intervention (RtI)
  • Special Education
  • Doug Lemov’s Teach Like A Champion
  • Common Core State Standards

Casey is located in Colorado and is willing to travel anywhere in the U. S. to support Core Knowledge educators. As current principal of the Liberty Common School, Casey is best able to support others during the summer months, but can make arrangements during the school year.

Dianne Hamilton has an MS Ed in Administration & Supervision and over 40 years of experience in education. Dianne currently works as an educational consultant supporting schools in general and Core Knowledge schools in particular. She supports administrators and teachers with the implementation of the Core Knowledge Sequence, sustainability of the intended curriculum, and professional development for increased student engagement, rigor, and learning. Additionally, she conducts comprehensive school improvement visits with feedback on implementation. In her work with one of the nation’s largest public school systems, Dianne served as a teacher, department chair, instructional coach, central office curriculum specialist, school improvement specialist, project manager of New Teacher Training, State Department Liaison, project manager of ELA Assessment Training, system-wide staff developer, and coach for administrators learning observation, supervision, and evaluation skills. She has been an adjunct professor for Clinical Supervision in the Hood College Educational Leadership Program and has supported Research- into-Practice initiatives through Professional Learning Communities. D Dianne has taught reading, English, theatre and inter-related arts in urban, rural, and suburban settings. Additionally, she served as the Director of Professional Development and School Consultation for the Core Knowledge Foundation, writing and delivering training modules as well as developing tools of support for schools. Dianne continues to stay engaged with students and classroom practices through part-time teaching.

Dianne’s areas of expertise include:

  • Grades K–8
  • K–8 CK Diagnostic School Visits and ACAP
  • Public, Charter, Private, & Parochial Schools
  • Leadership & School Improvement
  • New Teacher Training & Instructional Coaching

Dianne is located in Virginia and is willing to travel anywhere in the U. S. as well as internationally to support Core Knowledge educators.

Krystal has taught in Core Knowledge schools since the late 90s, and has worked as a Core Knowledge National Consultant since 2005. She describes herself as “passionate about Core Knowledge, having seen her own students benefit tremendously from this curriculum.” In addition to teaching Core Knowledge, Krystal has served as a Curriculum Director, Assistant Principal, and Principal in schools that fully implement Core Knowledge. She describes one of her favorite administrative roles as mentoring and training new teachers, as well as using data to drive instruction and facilitate student growth. In her consulting work for Core Knowledge, she has traveled to many different Core Knowledge schools all over the United States and has seen Core Knowledge implemented in every setting imaginable – from rural to urban schools, as well as private, public, and charter schools. Over the years, she has also written and presented several Core Knowledge units at state, regional, and national conferences. Krystal says she very much enjoys “sharing her passion for Core Knowledge with other teachers and administrators.”

Krystal’s areas of expertise include:

  • Grades K–8
  • K–8 CK Diagnostic School Visits and ACAP
  • Urban & Rural Settings
  • Public, Charter, & Private Schools
  • Assessment & Data-driven Instruction
  • Response to Intervention (RtI)

Krystal is located in Colorado, but is willing to travel anywhere in the U. S. and internationally to support Core Knowledge educators.

Cathy Kinter has a robust history with Core Knowledge in a variety of capacities, and works passionately to help schools around the nation implement Core Knowledge effectively. She served as a second grade teacher in a brand new charter school that created and implemented original lessons that met the Core Knowledge Sequence guidelines. Later, she participated in the Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) pilot program, in which her feedback directly influenced the continuing development and implementation of the CKLA program. As part of the TeamCFA network, she assisted teachers in creating Core Knowledge lesson plans and projects. As her school’s curriculum coordinator, she trained new and veteran teachers in Core Knowledge and CKLA, conducted Teach Like a Champion book studies, monitored the implementation of the Sequence in kindergarten–grade 8 and CKLA in kindergarten–grade 5, instituted and oversaw suggested improvements in practice made by the Core Knowledge Foundation, and guided staff toward achieving status as a Core Knowledge School of Distinction. As a result of the successful and effective implementation of Core Knowledge practices, and by the recommendation of the Foundation, she facilitates and hosts visitors from her school and other schools inside and outside the TeamCFA network interested in the program(s), to help foster an understanding of Core Knowledge and CKLA implementation and practice. To help guide other Core Knowledge professionals with their implementation, she has served on panels, presented a session at the Core Knowledge National Conference, and served as a TeamCFA Curriculum Advisor.

Cathy’s areas of expertise include:

  • Grades K-8
  • Rural & Charter School Settings
  • Assessment
  • Direct Instruction
  • Doug Lemov’s Teach Like A Champion

Cathy is located in North Carolina and is willing to travel anywhere in the U. S. and internationally to support Core Knowledge educators. Cathy is available to offer support anytime, subject to other commitments.

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