We offer multiple, flexible options for implementation support. 

Professional Learning Opportunities

Online Learning Options

The Core Knowledge Foundation now offers on-demand learning modules that you can use to introduce your teachers to the Core Knowledge History & Geography (CKHG) and Core Knowledge Science (CKSci) programs.

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On-Site Learning Options

Are you looking for on-site or live webinar support? A Core Knowledge Licensed Professional (CKLP) can provide support suited to your needs and interests.

  • Getting Started with the Preschool Sequence
  • Supporting Language Development
  • Assessment and Planning to Meet Children’s Needs
  • Phonological Awareness, ABCs, and More
  • Scientific Reasoning and Knowledge
  • Mathematics and Number Sense / Orientation in Time and Space
  • Diagnostic Visit

  • Introduction to the Core Knowledge Approach (overview)
  • Introduction to Core Knowledge History and Geography (CKHG)
  • Introduction to Core Knowledge Science (CKSci)
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CKLA Support

If you are specifically interested in support for Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA), please contact our publishing partner, Amplify. Call (800) 823-1969 or email [email protected].

School Diagnostic Visit

If you are interested in receiving feedback in regard to implementation improvement, consider scheduling a diagnostic visit. 

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A school diagnostic visit also serves as a first step in the Core Knowledge School of Distinction process.

Core Knowledge Events

Core Knowledge Leadership Institute 

Learn how to cultivate enthusiasm around the Core Knowledge approach within your school community. The Institute also serves as a great opportunity to network with Core Knowledge leaders from across the country and to explore the Foundation’s latest resources.

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This offering prepares educators at your school or district to effectively deliver Core Knowledge workshops at your site. Train-the-Trainer participants will engage in deep learning around the key tenets of each workshop, have an opportunity to practice teaching specific sections, and walk away with a set of training materials that they can use/adapt to meet the needs of your staff. 

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Still have questions?

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It uses tools like Facebook Groups and Pinterest Boards to give teachers a place to share their ideas and resources, ask questions, learn from each other, and connect with other schools teaching Core Knowledge.

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