Whether you are just getting started or looking for a refresher in our approach, the Leadership Institute can support you. Hear stories from experienced Core Knowledge leaders, network with other educators from across the country, and learn more about how to support your colleagues and students as they dive into Core Knowledge.

Upcoming Core Knowledge Leadership Institutes

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Core Knowledge Leader Starter Kit

CK Leader Starter Kit [available in fall 2020 for purchase]

  • (1) copy of E.D. Hirsch, Jr.’s “How to Educate a Citizen,”to be released in September 2020, and (1) ‘Book Study’ Guide that can be used for self-reflection or to lead discussions with staff around the theories and research that informed the Core Knowledge approach. 
  •  “A Case for Core Knowledge” editable presentation and (1) Reference Tool that can be used to facilitate structured conversations with staff and families about CK and the benefits it affords students.
  • (1) printed copy of the Implementation Feedback Report (IFR) Self-Reflection Tool and (1) Reference Tool that includes steps and suggestions as to how one can use the IFR to identify areas of need and develop a plan for systemic change.
  • (1) copy of each K–6 CKHG student reader and 3–5 CKSci reader and (1) Reference Tool that offers guidance and suggestions around how the texts can be “tested out”  (e.g., a supplement to instruction) as well as reflections that can be used to determine the best use at one’s school.

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Schools Using Core Knowledge Language Arts

You can participate in the Leadership Institute even if your school only implements CKLA. The Institute presents strategies useful in a wide-range of Core Knowledge settings, including schools whose implementation is based on the Core Knowledge Language Arts® program, as well as schools comprehensively or partially following the Core Knowledge Sequence. While the Institute is not solely focused on supporting CKLA, we will address resources and practices relevant to the program.

If you are looking for training specifically focused on CKLA, please contact our publishing partner, Amplify.

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