If you have experience using Core Knowledge, a lot or even just a little, there are several ways to strengthen your practice and enhance your students’ experience in the classroom.

Go deeper and learn the finer points of Core Knowledge.

Student and Teacher Working TogetherImmerse your students in content throughout the day.

Look for opportunities to link your students’ experiences across different subject areas and across the grade levels to enhance their learning even more. Whether you are new or experienced with Core Knowledge, the coherent nature of the Sequence is important to keep in mind. Some of the best moments in Core Knowledge classrooms are when students exclaim, “I remember learning that!”

Review our curricular tutorials and instructional tips.

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Expand your library of resources to immerse students in the world.

Find additional Core Knowledge materials.

If you’ve checked out our many free curriculum resources, then browse our store to find additional materials that can strengthen your students’ background knowledge even more. Many Core Knowledge schools use our array of poetry anthologies, Core Classics® abridged novels, and other publications to enrich their classroom experiences.

Consider materials from our third-party partners.

Explore the resources offered by our third-party partners, which can further enrich your students’ knowledge. Our schools have found it useful to have additional materials and programs from these partners as they put the Core Knowledge approach into action.

Questions about enhancing your Core Knowledge classrooms?

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