Grade 5Language Arts

ckla_g5_u9_heroFocus: Students develop reading, writing, listening, and thinking skills through engagement with informational text in the Student Reader A Changing Landscape. Students learn about the Great Basin, Plateau, Plains, and Pacific Northwest Indians. Students explore the intricate connections between the ways of life of these Native American peoples and their specific regions and landscapes. Students learn how American government policies affected Native American cultures from the 1800s on. Students also read Native American myths and tales from specific peoples. In writing a persuasive essay, students practice skills of notetaking, incorporating evidence, and crafting an argument. Lessons include explicit instruction in grammar, morphology, and spelling.

Number of Lessons: 15

Lesson Time: 90 minutes each. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments.

Additional Search Terms: Carlisle School • Westward Expansion • Battle of the Little Bighorn • Wounded Knee • Navajo Code Talkers

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