Grade 4Language Arts

ckla_g4_u6_rdr_coverFocus:  Students develop reading, writing, listening, and thinking skills through engagement with informational text in the Student Reader The Changing Earth. Students explore how different geological processes shape the earth’s landscape and related environments. Students learn that the earth is composed of layers that, through heat and pressure, cause movements that result in geological features above and below earth’s surface, such as mountains, volcanoes, and trenches. Students also study rock formation, weathering, and erosion in order to understand how the earth changes over time. Students write informational and descriptive paragraphs and practice using figurative language. Lessons include explicit instruction in grammar, morphology, and spelling.

Number of Lessons: 15

Lesson Time: 90 minutes each. Each lesson may be divided into shorter segments.

Additional Search Terms: plate tectonics • rock cycle • tsunami • simile • suffixes • quotation marks

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