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We’re a small organization with a big mission—ensuring that all children in America’s schools have access to important, enabling knowledge.

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Children need to know

In schools across the country, children need to know—a lot! Wonderful stories and poems, inspiring works of art, masterworks of music. Scientists who revealed nature’s secrets. Kings and queens who ruled vast dominions, for better or worse. Ordinary men and women who defied all odds and changed the world. Enduring ideas of constitutional government and human rights. Mathematical concepts and scientific principles.

Educational excellence and equity require that every child have access to important shared knowledge.

Kids Learning Geography

More than five million free downloads and counting

Since the release of the popular Core Knowledge Language Arts program in 2013, more than five million components from our Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ have been downloaded and used in classrooms. The numbers keep growing as we add free materials from Science, History and Geography, and more. It costs a lot for us to produce these books and resources. To continue to create these materials and offer them for free, we rely on donors like you.

With your support we can continue to offer high-quality materials for download at no cost.

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