Core Knowledge is pleased to present CKSci Grades 6-8! Each unit contains activities and literacy readings designed to give students the fullest and richest science experience for any middle school program.
Core Knowledge Middle School Science is an enhanced republication of the OpenSciEd Middle School Project. The OpenSciEd Project implements the recommendations of the National Research Council in its 2012 Framework for K–12 Science Education (National Research Council, 2012 and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The objective of the OpenSciEd Project is to create and disseminate instructional materials that implement the approach to science teaching and learning that has come to be known as three-dimensional science learning since the release of these documents. Core Knowledge Middle School Science adds a wealth of science literacy reading and activity to the OSE program.

Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide provides comprehensive lessons and lesson plans for an entire unit of study. Included in the Teacher Guide is a wealth of additional resources for each lesson, including a set of presentation slides that are invaluable for use in the classroom.

Lesson 2 of the Teacher Guide

The sequential lessons and activities are the basis of classroom study, and integrated into the investigation sequence are the science literacy readings from the Student Reader.

Download Light and Matter Teacher Guide

Student Reader

The Student Reader contains collections of science literacy readings that accompany, and are integrated with, the activities in the Teacher Guide. As your students move day to day through activities, they will also read Core Knowledge science literacy selections.

Collection 1 of the Student Reader

The Student Reader includes one reading collection per week for every week of the unit. A week’s reading collection relates to the lessons completed in the previous week. The reading is assigned at the beginning of the week with the accompanying writing exercise due at the end of the week. The reading and writing exercises are designed to be completed by students independently, with brief, supporting, teacher-facilitated discussions at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the week.

Download Light and Matter Science Literacy Student Reader

Student Procedure Guide

The Student Procedure Guide provides step-by-step instructions that helps students with all their unit activities. The Guide contains procedures, questioning strategies, discussion ideas for student interactions, and much more.
Lesson 5 of the Student Procedure Guide
Download Light and Matter Student Procedure Guide

Student Work Pages

The Student Work Pages provide exercise pages for students to record data, make observations, create drawings, complete text and diagrams, understand activity steps, work with tables and graphs, and many other similar student-based assignments.

Lesson 4 of the Student Work Pages
The Student Work pages are full color when viewed on line. If you wish to purchase print versions of the SWPs, they are printed as black-and-white consumables.

Download Light and Matter Student Work Pages