With the help of subject matter experts and experienced Core Knowledge teachers, the Core Knowledge Foundation has updated the 2010 Sequence guidelines. The result of this effort is the 2019 Core Knowledge Science Sequence.

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We will continue post links to outlines in the 2019 CK Science Sequence as soon as they are ready. We are currently working to update the science guidelines for grades K–2 now that the materials for CKSci Grades 3–5 are complete.

2019 Science Sequence, Grades 3–5

2019 Core Knowledge Sequence and NGSS

Following the release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Core Knowledge Foundation used this opportunity to update and enhance the science portion of the 2010 Core Knowledge Sequence.

The development of the 2019 Core Knowledge Science Sequence was informed by the pedagogy and framework of the NGSS. By studying and evaluating NGSS documents, Core Knowledge was able to take the best of new science educational thought and apply it to the principles of the Core Knowledge approach.

The revised 2019 Core Knowledge Science Sequence, and by extension the CKSci curriculum, embodies Core Knowledge’s vision of best practices in science instruction and knowledge-based schooling, such as the following:

  • building students’ knowledge of cumulative and coherent core ideas in life, physical, and earth/space sciences, as well as engineering design;
  • developing scientific practices that give students’ firsthand experience in scientific inquiry, engineering, and technology; and,
  • connecting scientific learning to concepts across various disciplines, such as mathematics and literacy.
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