Thanks to ongoing research in the field, our understanding of how children learn continues to evolve. In the subject area of science, in particular, students benefit from not just reading about concepts and ideas, but from hands-on experiences. Following the release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Core Knowledge Foundation used this opportunity to update and enhance the science portion of the 2010 Core Knowledge Sequence. The result of this effort is the revised 2019 Core Knowledge Science Sequence and the comprehensive Core Knowledge Science (CKSci) curriculum.

While there have been some shifts in the grade levels at which certain topics are recommended, the fundamental principles of pedagogy inherent to the Core Knowledge approach, such as the importance of building a sequential, coherent and cumulative knowledge base, have been retained.

Correlations between the 2010 Science Sequence and CKSci

In the near future, we will launch an interactive graphic to help you explore the connections between the 2010 Core Knowledge Sequence and CKSci. Check back soon!

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