Core Knowledge is pleased to provide two new Grades 3—6 units in the CKHG series for free download. The units are Grade 4, Understanding Civics, and Grade 5 Understanding Economics.

Each CKHG Civics & Economics Grade 3–6 unit includes the following:

  • A Student Reader featuring colorful, illustrative pages, appealing maps, and informative, exciting text.

  • A Teacher Guide providing detailed lesson plans, activity page masters, additional activities, and assessments.
  • A set of Question Cards depicting significant themes and ideas related to civics and American government. In addition to an image, each card contains a chapter number and a driving question that outlines the focus of the chapter, discussion, or activity.
  • The Big Idea in Grade 4 Understanding Civics is — an understanding of civics and government is an essential part of being an informed and engaged member of society.
  • The Big Idea in Grade 5 Understanding Economics is — different societies answer economic questions in different ways.

A Special Note about Grade 4 Understanding Civics and Grade 5 Understanding Economics in relation to Educating for American Democracy

In 2021, the Educating for American Democracy (EAD) consortium released a Roadmap for American Democracy. The Roadmap is an effort to encourage and bolster history and civics instruction in K–12 education. We have therefore included in this Civics and American Government unit content related to EAD’s Roadmap for American Democracy and the Roadmap’s driving questions for this grade. This content is readily distinguished by an American flag icon. The specific knowledge, questions, and activities identified by this icon denote opportunities to engage students and deepen their understanding of what it means to be a citizen.