The are multiple ways that you can use the program, “A History of the United States,” to provide your students with a content-rich instructional experience. Review the descriptions below to learn how.

You will Need:

  • “A History of the United States” Teacher Guide
  • Both Student Readers (Volume 1 and Volume 2) for each student in your classroom

Tools to Support Planning Efforts:

You will Need:

  • “A History of the United States” Teacher Guide
  • Either Student Reader Volume 1 or Student Reader Volume 2 for each student in your classroom

Tools to Support Planning Efforts:


In order to better align with state standards, you may need to select and/or move topics between grades.  In these situations, it is important to consider both the coherent and cumulative implications.

  • coherent sequence presents and explores topics through an orderly flow. Instruction moves from one idea to the next, one unit to the next, in a logical fashion.  When considering the subject of history, this would require you to arrange the selected topics in chronological order.
  • A cumulative sequence builds across grade levels. Topics introduced in early grade levels (e.g., K–2) serve as the foundation for later learning (e.g., 3–5).  If you are identifying topics for Grade 8, you would need to consider what prerequisite knowledge students would bring from Grade 7.  If there are gaps, consider how you may need to adjust instruction in order to adjust gaps.

Review the section “Steps to Consider when Selecting ‘Option 3’” to learn more…

Steps to Consider when Selecting ‘Option 3’

1.  Identify the CKHG topics  that align with your Standards

Each chapter focuses on a specific topic that can be taught in isolation.  So, your first step would be to compare your state standards (at the topic level) to the CKHG chapters.  

Use the Volume 1 and Volume 2 Table of Contents to identify topical correlation.

2.  Compare Content Expectations

Scan through each of the selected chapters (including the corresponding online “Additional Activities”) to see how closely the content presented in CKHG aligns with the expectations laid out by your state standards.  

Make note of any situations in which the CKHG content does not address a specific state standard guideline. Think about how you would need to supplement CKHG instruction as well as the time and resources needed.

3.  Determine Pacing

Use “A History of the United States” pacing guides to assist you in creating a yearlong plan comprised of the selected CKHG chapters and other state standard content (if applicable).

The CKHG teacher guide offers two options of pacing (i.e., a full year of instruction with both Volumes 1 & 2, and a full year of instruction with only Volume 1 or only Volume 2). 

  • Less Time: If you think you have a limited amount of time to address the selected CKHG chapters, start with this pacing guide.  
  • More Time: If you think you have time to take a deeper dive with these chapters, utilize the pacing guides for Volume 1 and/or Volume 2.   

Click on the link below to download a sample Yearlong Plan Template.

Yearlong Plan Template