Core Knowledge is pleased to provide its popular CKHG curriculum for Middle School Grades 7-8. Offered here is our new U.S. History unit which provides an overview of four hundred years of American history.

Each CKHG Grade 7 and 8 unit includes the following:

  • A Student Volume featuring colorful, illustrative pages, informative and exciting text, and engaging new features including research, discussion, and writing opportunities.

  • Teacher Guide containing the core instructional elements, such as the Daily Check For Understanding, Additional Activities, and Assessments. In addition, there are a number of new learning features that offer students multi-layered opportunities to explore the content.

Check out the CKHG units available NOW for free download:

Grade 7-8

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Terms of Use

The CKHG materials made available for download are freely available for anyone to use, adapt, and share (with attribution), but no one is permitted to sell either the original program, an adaptation of it, or lesson plans that reproduce any part of it. For more information, see the Guidelines to Core Knowledge and the Creative Commons License.