Core Knowledge is very pleased to announce the latest addition to our current list of publications— digital Core Knowledge American History and Geography student “e-Books” Grades 3–5.

Each e-Book will offer a wide-range of functionality, such as:

  • The entire text read aloud in English and/or in Spanish.
  • Engaging activities for students to complete as they read.
  • Prompts that check students’ understanding as they read.
  • Embedded third-party videos and resources that deepen and extend understanding.

The e-Books will be available for ten American History student reader titles in grades 3–5:

Grade 3

  • The Earliest Americans
  • Exploration of North America 
  • The Thirteen Colonies

Grade 4

  • The American Revolution 
  • The United States Constitution 
  • Early Presidents and Social Reformers

Grade 5

  • The Geography of the United States
  • Westward Expansion Before the Civil War
  • The Civil War
  • Native Americans and Westward Expansion: Culture and Conflicts

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Terms of Use

The CKHG™ materials made available for download are freely available for anyone to use, adapt, and share (with attribution), but no one is permitted to sell either the original program, an adaptation of it, or lesson plans that reproduce any part of it. For more information, see the Guidelines to Core Knowledge and the Creative Commons License.