“A History of the United States” offers engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking instructional features!

Student Readers

The Student Readers provide traditional narrative text and high-quality images. Interspersed with the text and images are three new features:

Think Twice prompts pose questions for students to answer, either in writing or in oral discussion. These questions prompt a deeper analysis of the text.





Find Out the Facts prompts encourage students to conduct research on a specified topic.





Writers’ Corner prompts present students with writing tasks, such as essays, reports, and creative compositions.



Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide, contains the already established elements, such as the Daily Check For Understanding and Additional Activities. In addition there are also new features.

  • The Learning Lab provides additional time for students to complete the aforementioned Student Reader features, before the chapter is wrapped up.
  • Talk it Over opportunity encourages discussion or debate, either in the Guided Reading Support, or in the Additional Activities.
  • When Primary Source documents are used within a lesson, the importance of such resources is highlighted.
  • Finally, select American History chapters offer opportunities for Civics Action and involvement.  This part of the CKHG series feature, “The Pathway to Citizenship,” focuses on the foundational knowledge students need in order to become literate citizens.