Calling on a StudentAccess teacher-created lessons aligned to topics specified by the Core Knowledge Sequence for study in Grade 5. These fifth grade lesson plans may be adapted for use at other grade levels but are most effective when integrated into a coherent and cumulative school-wide instructional plan.

The Core Knowledge Foundation extends its sincere thanks to all teachers who developed these fifth grade lessons for our National Conferences (1992-2011) or through their participation in the Colorado Unit Writing Project (1999-2004).

Important Note

These teacher-created lessons have not been vetted by the Core Knowledge Foundation nor reviewed by content experts. Contact us if you have questions regarding posted lessons.

Fifth Grade Lesson Plans by Subject

Language Arts/English

I. Writing, Grammar, and Usage

Literary Lingo
Library Guide to the States
Living the Life of a Famous Person

II. Poetry

Positively Poetry
Reading, Writing, Reciting Exciting Poetry!

III. Fiction and Drama

An Adventure with Tom Sawyer
Little Women
Unearthing the Secrets of the Garden
The Bard, The Globe, The Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Game is Afoot — A Study of Sherlock Holmes

IV. Speeches

Speeches on the Not-So-Big Screen

V. Sayings and Phrases

No fifth grade lesson plans available

History and Geography


I. Geography

Where in the Latitude are You? A Longitude Here
Sand and Water

II. Meso-American Civilizations

I AM A Researcher, “I”nca, “A”ztec, “M”aya

III. European Exploration, Trade, and Clash of Cultures

Eye on Exploration: Take a Second Look
Geography in the Resource Classroom: Using Maps to Understand the Impact of the Meso-American Civilization and European Explorers
European Exploration, Trade, and Colonization

IV. Renaissance and Reformation

Four Armed Men From The Renaissance
The Renaissance: The Rebirth of Ideas
Reformation: Revolt and Redirection
Ancora Imparo
The Reformation

V. England from the Golden Age to the Glorious Revolution

Kings and Queens, England: The Golden Age

VI. Russia: Early Growth and Expansion

Russia and the Czars
The Faces of Russia

VII. Feudal Japan

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Japan
Feudal Japan: It’s All Japanese to Me!
Feudal Japan and the Geography of Japan


I. Westward Expansion

The Wild, Wild West
Westward We Go!
The Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion and Spatial Awareness

II. Civil War

Heroes of the Civil War Era
Realism in Music: The Underground Railroad
The Plight of Four Million Newly Emancipated Slaves: Reconstruction 1865-1877
Reconstruction: A Time of Turbulence

III. Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts

The Marvels of Mesoamerica: Aztec, Inca, and Maya
Aztec, Inca, Maya

IV. U S Geography

Library Guide to the States
Where in the Latitude are You? A Longitude Here
Mighty Mississippi

Visual Arts

I. Art of the Renaissance

East Meets West: The Art of Simplicity
Colossal Structures and Sculptures
Leonardo Lives On!
Ancora Imparo

II. American Art: Nineteenth-Century United States

Going West: The Artists Who Painted the Way
Westward Expansion and Spatial Awareness

III. Art of Japan

No fifth grade lesson plans available


I. Elements of Music

Music from the Renaissance

II. Listening and Understanding

Music from the Renaissance

III. American Musical Traditions

Realism in Music: The Underground Railroad
The African American Spiritual

IV. Songs

Fifth-Grade Core Songs


Marvelous Math Mania

I. Numbers and Number Sense

No fifth grade lesson plans available

II. Ratio and Percent

What’s Math Got to Do With It?
Ratio and Percent

III. Fractions and Decimals

What’s Math Got to Do With It?
Fiddlin’ with Fractions

IV. Computation

What’s Math Got to Do With It?

V. Measurement

No fifth grade lesson plans available

VI. Geometry

Geometry: Planely Simple

VII. Probability and Statistics

What’s Math Got to Do With It?

VIII. Pre-Algebra

No fifth grade lesson plans available


I. Classifying Living Things

Chaos Within the Living World? Not!
A Class Act: The Classification System

II. Cells: Structures and Processes

Cell-ebrate! Life

III. Plant Structures and Processes

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Plant Structures and Processes
Planting the Seeds of Knowledge

IV. Life Cycles and Reproduction

Teaching Life Cycles and Reproduction

V. Human Body

The Human Body

VI. Chemistry: Matter and Change

A Matter of Matter
It’s Still All about Matter
Chemistry: Phase Changes — Heat and Matter
What’s The Matter?

VII. Science Biographies

Spectacular Science Biographies
Galileo: The Man of Disbelief
Great Men of Science