Our workroom allows teachers to communicate with each other, sharing tips, materials and teaching tools. Learn about the activities and tools available to you through our Pinterest page, discussion groups and Core Knowledge implementation and lesson planning resources.

Lesson Planning Tips and Resources

Our Five Senses Teacher Guide CoverMany of the curriculum materials available in our free resource repository and bookstore come with guides for teaching our materials. The Teacher Guides include detailed lesson plans that can be adapted as needed for your students and teaching style.

For example in the Our Five Senses Teacher Guide for Kindergarten, you can see lesson plans for each Student Book chapter, as well as activity page masters, assessments, and additional activities to reinforce the lesson content.

Teacher-Created Activities

We share classroom activities created by Core Knowledge educators for Core Knowledge educators on our Pinterest page. You’ll find activities for Kindergarten through grade 8, like the Revolutionary War Book for first graders below.

My Revolutionary War Book

Have something to share on the page? Give us a shout.

Teaching Tools

Download our implementation guides for all of the resources and tools you’ll need to implement the Core Knowledge Sequence or Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) program in your classroom.

Core Knowledge Sequence Implementation Guide Cover

Sequence Implementation Guide: Find on-demand presentations, turnkey professional development, planning tools and job aids for implementing the Pre-K through grade 8 Sequence. You can use these tools to map Sequence content and skills across your academic year, to build lessons and units, to plan activities, and more.


CKLA Implementation GuideCore Knowledge Language Arts Implementation Guide Cover: Find videos and resources to help you implement and make the most of the CKLA program in your classroom. It offers a range of on-demand presentations, turnkey professional development, and other tools and job aids.

Pinterest Teaching Resources

Various implementation supports for Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) are available on our Pinterest page, as well. The CKLA Teacher Tools page includes resources like:

  • Various alignment and assessment charts
  • Pacing guides for Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5
  • Annotated lesson plans and other job aides

  • Potential modifications, like Listening and Learning for half-day Kindergarten
  • Domain planning templates for Kindergarten through grade 5
  • Reading and writing trajectories

Lesson planning support samples

Professional Development

Professional learning is an important practice for even the most experienced teachers. Outside of the professional development tools in our implementation guides, we also offer modules to work through online, on-site or webinar opportunities with our licensed professionals and our annual Leadership Institute conference.

Find Professional Development Resources

Connect With Other Educators

Join a discussion group to ask questions, swap stories and share resources with other Core Knowledge teachers. The following Facebook Groups are focused on teaching Core Knowledge: