CKLA Now on Nearpod

The Knowledge Strand of Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) is now available on Nearpod, a digital lesson delivery platform that provides interactive experiences for both students and teachers. Find out more in this post from Amplify, the Core Knowledge Foundation’s publishing partner for CKLA.

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Developing Strong Readers by First Building Knowledge

Walk through the halls of Byrd Avenue Primary School and you’ll be surprised by the conversations kindergartners are having. You might overhear them chatting about ancient civilization, or exactly how the sandwiches they ate at lunch are digested by their bodies.

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The Baseball Experiment

In 1987, two young researchers from Marquette University ran an experiment. Their results showed that even as many Language Arts programs emphasize “reading strategies,” knowledge counts much more than you might think when it comes to understanding text.

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When Kids Collide with Content

“I’m not opposed to teaching about families, but teaching content goes much deeper.” What we need, says Susan Lambert, specialist in Early Literacy, is content “that involves rich vocabulary and engrossing associated concepts—content that … leads to engaging and invigorating conversations.”

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Happy Thirtieth Anniversary to Cultural Literacy!

In this back-to-school season, we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of E. D. Hirsch, Jr.’s CULTURAL LITERACY, the book that started the Core Knowledge movement and sparked both heated arguments and thoughtful discussions, many ongoing today.

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Cultural Literacy and the Language of Upward Mobility

There is, without question, a language of privilege in America that excludes those who do not speak it fluently. And it is within our power as educators and policymakers to influence children’s acquisition of that language. But doing so will require a degree of clarity and candor to which we are unaccustomed when we talk about education.

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