Years have passed since the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were first introduced, prompting educators and policy makers throughout the country to more closely examine and revise academic standards to ensure that, at the end of their K-12 education, all students leave school prepared to be fully contributing citizens to our democratic society. As a result, there has finally been long overdue attention to the importance of knowledge-rich curricula and instruction.

But something is still missing. One has only to look at the lack of civil discourse evident everywhere these days between individuals and groups, where shouting matches and physical confrontation become increasingly commonplace. What may be missing in school instruction is the failure to teach social skills.

The Stop and Think Songbook CDTo that end, the Core Knowledge Foundation has just made a set of Preschool Social Skills Posters available for free download. These posters identify important social skills that can be taught in a step-by-step manner. Educators and homeschoolers who want to introduce these social skills to young children in an engaging manner may also be interested in purchasing The Stop and Think Songbook CD.

Teaching social skills must, of course, extend beyond preschool. The steps described in the free downloadable Social Skills Posters are based on the more comprehensive Stop and Think Social Skills Program for Preschool – Grade 8. We encourage you to examine these additional resources, including a guide for parents, available for purchase from our partner, Project Achieve.

One comment on “Is THIS Missing from your High Quality, Knowledge-Rich Instruction?”

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    SANDRA HUNTER on November 3, 2020

    I like the thought of social skills being taught in school.

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