This post is published with permission from Amplify, the Core Knowledge Foundation’s publishing partner for the Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) program. 

We are excited to announce that, as of November 30th, teachers and students are now able to explore areas of CKLA’s Knowledge Strand in an entirely new way.

Select domain lessons and bundles will now be available for purchase on Nearpod, a digital lesson delivery platform that provides interactive experiences for both students and teachers. With Nearpod, teachers can purchase ready-made lessons in the store or create their own.

As a special offer, the first 3 lessons of each domain are FREE! Just sign up for a free Nearpod account to access the lessons.

Learn More About CKLA on Nearpod

Can you tell we’re excited? Because we are. Nearpod allows teachers at any school to access CKLA’s engaging read-alouds and interactive discussions on cross-curricular topics. Through Nearpod, teachers can:

  • Boost engagement during Read-Alouds through interactive student-facing activities.
  • Access ready-made instruction to increase the efficiency of Read-Aloud instruction.
  • Build deep knowledge through informational and literary Read-Alouds on topics in social studies, science, and literature.

Do I have to use CKLA to use the Nearpod lessons?
We encourage everyone to use these lessons, whether you’re using CKLA in your classroom already or not.

In the first release, 9 total domains will be available. They are as follows:

Kindergarten: Domain 5 Farms, Domain 7 Kings and Queens, Domain 12 Presidents and American Symbols
1st Grade: Domain 2 The Human Body, Domain 6 Astronomy, Domain 9 Fairy Tales
2nd Grade: Domain 6 Greek Myths, Domain 8 Insects, Domain 12 Fighting for a Cause

Which devices will I need?
Nearpod can be used on any device, but we do encourage students to use a tablet or Chromebook with a touch screen because students will often be called upon to draw a picture in response to a prompt. Sounds like fun, right?

It’s CKLA, in a whole new way. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this new solution to you, and hope you find the content and platform to be as educationally enriching as we envision it to be.

[To learn more about CKLA and its new Nearpod integration, please email [email protected]]

4 comments on “CKLA Now on Nearpod”

  1. 1
    Jessica W on March 30, 2020

    I would like to access the FREE CKLA Nearpod lessons as mentioned on the webinar/office hours meeting this morning.

    1. 2
      Christina Erland on April 6, 2020

      To learn more about CKLA Nearpod lessons, please contact Amplify at [email protected] or 800-823-1969.

  2. 3
    Rachael on August 17, 2021

    Are there any plans for Nearpod lessons in grades 3-5?

    1. 4
      Kristen Rodriguez on August 18, 2021

      Please contact our publishing partner Amplify at [email protected] for more information.

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