The following links take you to a selection from among the many articles, essays, and speeches of Core Knowledge founder E. D. Hirsch, Jr. (Each link opens a new web page or PDF document.)

A Sense of Belonging

Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Spring 2017

The Problem of Idea Quality, Not “Teacher Quality”

American Educator, Winter 2016-2017

Don’t Blame the Teachers

The Atlantic, September 21, 2016

A Change in Our Thinking About Elementary Education

Remarks on Receiving the James Bryant Conant Award, July 10, 2012

Teaching Content Is Teaching Reading

Principal Magazine, November/December 2010

Plugging the Hole in State Standards

American Educator, Spring 2008

Narrowing the Two Achievement Gaps

Presentation to the 18th Education Trust National Conference, Washington, D.C., November 9, 2007

The Case for Bringing Content into the Language Arts Block and for a Knowledge-Rich Curriculum Core for all Children

American Educator, Spring 2006

Reading Comprehension Requires Knowledge — of Words and of the World

American Educator, Spring, 2003

The Tests We Need and Why We Don’t Quite Have Them

An essay that first appeared in Education Week, February 2, 2000

You Can Always Look It Up — Or Can You?

From the closing address to the 9th Core Knowledge National Conference, Anaheim, California, March 18, 2000

Why Core Knowledge Promotes Social Justice

Convocation address, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, October 6, 1999

Toward a Centrist Curriculum: Two Kinds of Multiculturalism in Elementary School

An essay for the Core Knowledge Foundation, 1992

Fairness and Core Knowledge

An essay for the Core Knowledge Foundation, 1992