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CKLA Now Online for Free

CKLA Now Online for Free From student activity books to teacher guides, everything needed for preschool–third grade and several units from grades 4–5 are fully available for free using the CKLA Download Manager. More…

CKLA Preschool Kits

CKLA Preschool Kits CKLA Preschool Classroom Kits and accompanying Student Activity Books are now available for purchase through the bookstore. Get yours today! More…

What's New?

Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy-CFA, a Core Knowledge School of Distinction

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy has been named a Core Knowledge School of Distinction, with honors for Core Knowledge Language Arts implementation and curriculum support. While it serves a mostly lower-middle class and working-class population, the school maintains the high expectations and excellent results of an elite private school. Dedicated to preparing students “for college and for a lifetime of citizenship and active intellectual inquiry,” Thomas Jefferson makes Core Knowledge the centerpiece of its kindergarten through eighth-grade curriculum.

Eight CKLA Domains for Grades 4–5 Now on the Free Download Manager

The Core Knowledge Foundation, in conjunction with its publishing partner, Amplify Education, Inc., is pleased to announce that eight fascinating domains for grades 4–5 are now in the Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Free Download Manager. Read more here.

2015 Core Knowledge Professional Development Institutes

The calendar of institute offerings for 2015 is now available. We hope you will join us for Leadership, an Introduction to CKLA for Preschool, and Preschool Oral Language Skills at locations across the United States throughout the year.

Core Knowledge to Create a District Demonstration Project

The Core Knowledge Foundation is seeking a courageous district to partner with to demonstrate the many benefits of equalizing opportunity to learn. With our partner district, we’ll collaboratively create and implement a content-rich, coherent, cumulative curriculum (including art, music, civics, and all the other important things that are too often neglected) for the elementary grades. Together, we’ll resist the pressure to teach to the test, and show that a well-rounded education is the best path to the high achievement we all seek. Read more

Valarie Lewis, an Award-Winning Principal, Is Core Knowledge’s Inaugural Fellow

The Core Knowledge Foundation is thrilled to welcome award-winning educator Valarie Lewis as its inaugural fellow. Lewis is writing and giving presentations about increasing equality of opportunity by giving all students a rigorous education. Lewis will also be the advisor for Core Knowledge’s new initiative: partnering with a district to meet high standards through a content-rich, cumulative, coherent curriculum. Click here to see a clip of Valarie Lewis speaking and learn more.

Congratulations to Snowy Range Academy: A Core Knowledge School of Distinction

Snowy Range Academy has been named a Core Knowledge School of Distinction, with honors for their collaborative use and management of staff and resources. Snowy Range Academy exemplifies all the great qualities of a Core Knowledge school—rigorous curriculum, collaborative planning, effective and engaging teaching, and strong leadership. 

Five of Colorado’s Top Schools Use Core Knowledge

Colorado School Grades has just released its 2014 rankings, listing the top 10 elementary, middle, and high schools. Congratulations to Parker Core Knowledge and Traut Core Knowledge on making the elementary school list and to Windsor Charter Academy for making the middle school list. Congratulations also to Ridgeview Classical Charter and Liberty Common Charter—schools that use Core Knowledge in the elementary and middle grades—on making the high school list. Read more on PRWeb.

Congratulations to the Core Knowledge Schools Leading the Poudre School District—and Colorado

Congratulations to Traut Core Knowledge School, Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, Zach Core Knowledge School, and Liberty Common Elementary School! On Colorado’s new science and social studies assessments, these schools are among the top performers  in the Poudre School District—and Poudre performed significantly better than the Colorado average. Read more in the Coloradoan.

Schools Across the Country Choose CKLA!

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)—our comprehensive program for preschool through fifth grade—ensures that schools meet the Common Core standards and that students build knowledge, vocabulary, and reading and writing skills. Since we launched our CKLA free Download Manager in August 2013, 5,770 unique users from all 50 states and more than 45 countries have downloaded 881,650 individual files. In addition, CKLA materials have been downloaded 1,475,554 times from EngageNY, and over 10,000 CKLA classroom kits have been purchased by schools in 37 states.

Several Units from Grades 4 and 5 CKLA Added to Download Manager 

In conjunction with our publishing partner, Amplify Education, Inc., we are pleased to announce that 64 new CKLA lessons—each with 90 minutes of knowledge- and skill-building, Common Core–aligned activities—are now available for free download. Read more here.

The Wealth of Words

E. D. Hirsch, Jr.'s webinar as part of Student Success Week is now available online. In this webinar, Hirsch shares his insights on the importance of content-rich curriculum and how the teaching of vocabulary--within the context of a cumulative and sequenced curriculum--can affect change in our educational system.

The Top Innovative Person in Education Today?

Why, that would be none other than E. D. Hirsch, Jr.! Read the full article, featuring Hirsch along with another 30 innovators, here.

Parker Core Knowledge School Celebrates Its Twentieth Year

Parker Core Knowledge School, a preschool–grade 8 charter and official Core Knowledge school in Parker, Colorado, celebrated is celebrating its twentieth year of service. Read more about the school and its special anniversary here.

E. D. Hirsch Included in The Politico 50

E. D. Hirsch's dedication to equalizing opportunity is recognized with his inclusion in the Politico 50. As noted in its encapsulation of his work, "Hirsch’s argument was revolutionary: All children, regardless of background, should be taught the shared intellectual foundation—from Euclid to Shakespeare to Seneca Falls—needed ‘to thrive in the modern world.’”

Grayhawk Elementary School Named a Core Knowledge School of Distinction

Grayhawk Elementary School, a public school in Scottsdale, Arizona, was recently named a Core Knowledge School of Disctinction, with honors for purposeful student engagement in the classroom. Read more about the school here.

Libertas School of Memphis to Launch in 2015

We are glad to share that Libertas School of Memphis, Tennessee, has recieved final approval from their school board to launch in 2015. The charter school "will offer a rich, rigorous, and personalized education" using the Core Knowledge curriculum.

Core Knowledge Language Arts Preschool Teacher Kits

We are pleased to announce that CKLA Preschool Teacher Kits, as well as accompanying Student Activity Books, are available for purchase in printed format. Classroom Teacher Kits include the 18 trade books embedded in the program. To order, please visit our online bookstore. CKLA Preschool materials can also be downloaded for free using the CKLA Download Manager

Taken for Granted: Why Curriculum Content Is Like Oxygen

In the latest issue of American Educator, Carolyn Gosse and Lisa Hansel discuss why "a rich curriculum is the necessary precondition for improving schools" and how Core Knowledge Language Arts, a child-friendly, content-rich program, is helping students build broad background knowledge early. Read the full article, as well as other great articles by Susan Neuman and Tanya Wright, Chrys Dougherty, and Ruth Wattenburg on the importance of giving young children the content they deserve, in the full issue.

Domain Planning Made Easy with the New Core Knowledge Domain Planner

We are so excited to announce the release of the Core Knowledge Domain Planner, our newest tool to support your use of the Core Knowledge Sequence. The Domain Planner enables teachers to work together online to create and easily access plans, maps, units, lessons, digital resources, reports, and more. You can learn more through the bookstore.