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Standards Alignments

The Core Knowledge Sequence and the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence are aligned with a variety of educational standards and guidelines. 

Available Alignments

The Foundation has completed the following alignments:

Create Your Own Alignment

Documentation of state educational standards differ in organization and specificity, so there is no quick and easy formula for aligning to the Core Knowledge content. Spend time familiarizing yourself with both the Core Knowledge Sequence, and the standards with which you wish to align. When you know the Sequence and the standards documents well, and have a strong working knowledge of education and pedagogical methods, the analyses required to complete the alignment are more likely to be quick and accurate. Use our Guidelines for Creating an Alignment packet and watch our on-demand Considerations for Alignment presentation (below) for additional support. (Note: This video is particularly targeted for schools that are getting started with the CK Sequence and have scheduled their first professional development training with the Foundation.)