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Realms of Gold Series

Realms of Gold Series All the shorter literary works—poems, stories, essays, speeches and autobiographical excerpts—specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence for Grades 6–8 are conveniently anthologized in three grade-level volumes. More…

Listen, My Children

Listen, My Children Listen, My Children is a six-volume anthology of the poetry listed in the Core Knowledge® Sequence, featuring the recommended Core Knowledge poems grade by grade, from kindergarten to grade five. More…

Spanish Translations of Grader Books

A grant from the Brown Foundation has enabled Core Knowledge to translate some of the books in the What Your — Grader Needs to Know series into Spanish, so Spanish-speaking parents can better understand and reinforce what their children are learning in Core Knowledge schools. Another purpose is to help Core Knowledge teachers in bilingual classrooms. The aim is to provide supplements to the original books to help children read and learn from the corresponding English-language volume.

Translations into Spanish of the kindergarten through grade three books are now available free of charge. The Foundation decided to translate only through What Your Third Grader Needs to Know since most Spanish-speaking students are transitioned to regular, English speaking classes after third grade.

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know (Please note this Kindergarten translation is not reflective of the 2013 revised edition.)

What Your First Grader Needs to Know

What Your Second Grader Needs to Know

What Your Third Grader Needs to Know 

By using the web as an alternative form of publication, these materials will be more readily available. Teachers will be able to print relevant sections for parents, who may not otherwise find these translations, and to provide chapters in small increments, all at no cost to the schools or parents. Another advantage of posting the material on the web is that the translations will be available on a long-term basis, unlike books which often go in and out of print.

The Foundation hopes that these Spanish translations will be used in conjunction with the original English versions to enhance the education of bilingual and ESL students. The Foundation is discussing the many ways to publicize these Spanish translations and direct the parents and teachers who need them to our website. Core Knowledge is providing these books as a free service; Core Knowledge asks only that people and schools that use the translations help spread the word so that others may benefit from these resources.

Note: Illustrations are not included in the translations. Please use the page number references in the margin to find the pictures in the English version.