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Apply for Distinction Status

Schools of Distinction are recognized by the Core Knowledge Foundation as offering a superior educational experience. This designation does not come easily; it must be earned and the criteria for success must be clearly demonstrated through a series of curriculum planning documents and a capstone visit by a team of Core Knowledge staff members. To apply, schools must commit to a more rigorous implementation, including meeting specific milestones established by the Foundation. It is recommended that a school hoping to achieve recognition as a Core Knowledge School of Distinction follow an implementation and professional development plan created in ongoing collaboration with the Core Knowledge Foundation. For schools that are relatively new to Core Knowledge, attaining School of Distinction status is expected to take at least three years, during which time schools and the Foundation ensure that processes, professional development, and resources are put into place to support implementation of the Core Knowledge Sequence at a high level of fidelity. Designation as a Core Knowledge School of Distinction is granted at the sole discretion of the Core Knowledge Foundation. Please understand that relatively few schools will attain Distinction status. While the process of applying and working with the Foundation should be a rewarding learning experience, completion of the application process does not guarantee successful demonstration of the criteria for success.


The Core Knowledge Foundation offers School of Distinction honors for particular implementation areas, such as English language learner support, reading instruction, professional development practices, teacher collaboration, etc.

Through these honors, schools are recognized for their areas of expertise, and parents and practitioners will be guided to visit schools that meet their particular observation objectives.

Renewing the School of Distinction Designation

The School of Distinction designation will expire after five years, but Schools of Distinction that remain active in the Core Knowledge community will not have to repeat the full evaluative process to renew their designation. Details on the renewal process are still being determined with input from educators throughout the Core Knowledge community.

Information for Official Schools

The Core Knowledge Foundation is no longer using the original evaluation process through which the Official School status could be attained. Therefore, no additional schools will be recognized as Official. Schools that were recognized as Official and are still implementing the Core Knowledge Sequence are invited to continue using their Official designation.